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We're Treasuring Turtles

This is Avalon!

Our amazing hawksbill sea turtle.

She was spotted offshore and unwell near Sydney, Australia, so she was swiftly picked up by our SEA LIFE rescue team. Hawksbill turtles are a critically endangered species, so helping them to live healthily in the ocean is vital to their survival. Females, like Avalon, always return to the beach where they were hatched to lay their own eggs - turt-ally amazing!

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We're Making Waves

Sadly, nearly all species of sea turtle are now classified as endangered. Through our animal rescue centre, we help rescue over 100 turtles across the UK, US Asia and Australia every year. We provide turtles in trouble the rehabilitation help they need to get back on their flippers and into the sea. 

By protecting nesting beaches, cleaning up the shoreline and giving sea turtles time and treatment to recover from injury and illness, we're helping this threatened species survive and thrive in its natural habitat.