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We're Safeguarding Zebra Sharks

Meet Zoey and Zuri

Our marvellous mother-daughter duo.

While zebra sharks are excellent predators, humans don't feature on their menus, they prefer molluscs, crustaceans as well as small fish. We're actually more of a threat to them, with over fishing and habitat degradation causing populations to decline.

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We're Making Waves

Together with ReShark, we're working with a global network of public aquariums, researchers, local communications, government and conservation organisations. Through the StAR breeding programme, we're re-wilding zebra sharks back into marine protected areas of Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

In a world first shark species recovery project, we're proud 'parents' to the first shark pups to be rewilded from a breeding programme's founder egg. This ground-breaking achievement paves the way for a secure future to wild zebra sharks.