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Over a quarter of all marine creatures call a coral reef their home!

Breed Coral Reefs

Coral Conservation

SEA LIFE works in a number of regions to help protect and restore precious coral reefs.

We’ve helped rebuild damaged coral reefs in the Maldives with special ‘coral frames’; worked with the Indonesian Nature Foundation (LINI) in Bali to rebuild reefs devastated by illegal cyanide poison fishing; and supported research in Curacao, Mexico and in Florida to understand how corals breed and recover from disease.

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Sea Bed Clown Fish

Did you know?

Coral grows very slowly. The coral reefs in our oceans have been growing for 10,000 years! Luckily we can grow corals faster by creating the perfect conditions for them.


Fun fact

Coral is made up of lots of very tiny creatures called ‘polyps’.